About Harvest of India

Situated in Cambridge MA, Harvest of India invites you to taste authentic Indian Food in richly luxurious yet reasonable, active environment. Punjabi, Vegetarian and South Indian food are some of the dishes to be served and pleasured in an elegant setting.

We are one of the preferred Indian Restaurants in Cambridge, MA that attribute an exploration of the most diverse kitchen of all the Indian Cuisine. Indian food has a variety of cuisines. Meeting this versatility and preparing the most of wood-fired ovens, grills and other cooking appliances, we have exploded such stories that Indian food can only be delicious if it is spicy.

The perfect blend of professional service, luxurious surrounds and attention to every detail ensures an unparalleled experience of delicious taste and memorable dining. Be it a Punjabi food or a south Indian, the common characteristic will be the taste and aroma that is the real heart of India.

If you are looking for an Indian Restaurant in Cambridge MA, we would like to share our bistro-style menu with you that is attributing a variety of the best Indian food.

This is the only place in Boston/Cambridge that I trust,

as far as Indian food goes! I always order delivery through their website, and it arrives promptly (usually in less than 40 minutes), piping hot, and delicious.